Friedrich Duerrenmatt
Translation from German of Poel Karp
Historically doubtful comedy in two acts
(From 16 years)


    To Rome there come barbarians – ancient Germanic people, and last Roman emperor Romulus rears hens, is tastefully eats and sells busts of emperors. Its main and secret purpose within twenty years is Empire destruction. Its unrealizable dream is a universal peace. The wife, the daughter and all court yard consider as an abnormal buffoon.
    Performance «Romulus the Great» is put under the play of Swiss playwright Friedrich Duerrenmatt. This "historically doubtful comedy", written in 1949 and brought world glory to the author, is surprisingly modern.
    The grotesque strengthened by verses of Joseph Brodsky became the Producer’s device of cheerful performance:
              Let indeed, a hen not a bird,
              But with chicken brains the grief will suffice.
              If has happened in Empire to be born,
              It is better to live in in the remotest depths of the provinces, at the sea.

Boris Granatov

Assistant director
Avgusta Klenchina

Art director
Victor Pushkin

Costume designer
The Laureate of the national theatrical award “The Gold mask”,
Olga Reznichenko

Lighting designer
Sergey Shpagin

Vera Fedotovskaya

Stage Movement
Oleg Guryanov

Music design to Shakespeare’s sonnets
Larisa Vasilyeva

Yegor Mashjanov

The Premiere has taken place on June, 29th, 2014

Characters and performers

Romulus Augustul,
Emperor of Western Roman Empire

Eduard Ablavatsky

Yulia, his wife
Natalya Isaeva,
Alla Petrik

Reya, his daughter
Alyona Danchenko,
Anastasia Latkina

Zenon Isavr, the Emperor of Eastern Roman Empire
Igor Rudinsky

Emilian, the Roman Patrician
Andrey Kamendov,
Timur Mirgalimov

Mares, the Military Minister
Larisa Kochneva,
Yekaterina Chaukina

Tullius Rotund, the Minister of Interior
Victor Harzhavin

Achilles, Valet of Emperor
Anatoly Mikhasik

Piram, Valet of Emperor
Oleg Guryanov

Spurius Titus Mamma, the Prefect of Cavalry
Alexander Yefremov

Apollyon, the Antiquary
Ilya Grednev

Caesar Rupf, the Business owner
Viacheslav Teplov

Filax, the Actor
Vladimir Bobrov,
Timur Mirgalimov

Odoacer, the Prince of Germans
Alexander Lobantsev

Theodorich, his nephew
Alexander Andryushin

The Cook
Andrey Zboynov

Soldiers, servants, ancient Germans
Alexander Andryushin,
Vladimir Bobrov,
Ilya Grednev,
Oleg Guryanov,
Alyona Danchenko,
Andrey Kamendov,
Anastasia Latkina,
Timur Mirgalimov,
Viktoria Parfenyeva,
Igor Rudinsky,
Darya Sakhnovskaya,
Nadezhda Starikova,
Anna Terentyeva,
Viktor Horzhavin

Performance is conducted by the assistant director
Maria Bogovina