History of the theatre

The theatre was based in April 16, 1976. The main part of the theatre company became graduates from Novosibirsk and Yaroslavl theatre colleges. For the first four years the theatre had no building, played performances at schools, cultural centres and at other unadapted places of Vologda region, went on tour on the Vologda area much.

The performance “Forgive me” directed by Valery Baronov was the first important event for the young theatre. The play was written in creative cooperation with the writer Victor Astafyev. The first night took place in a new building with the auditorium as an amphitheatre at the end of 1979. But there was a problem with directors who didn’t stay at the theatre for a long time. That’s why the theatre couldn’t find its own direction and style.

In 1985 the theatre was headed by the present art director Boris Granatov. From that time the Theatre for Children and Youth began a new stage of creative biography. Boris Granatov and the scene designers Stepan Zograbyan and Olga Reznichenko develop author directing principles at the theatre successfully finding new rhythms in works by Chekhov, Ostrovsky, Shakespeare, Gogol, Pushkin, Vampilov and Gorky.
Our theatre has taken the central place in Vologda’s theatre life due to its performances for grown-ups. However, its most performances are for the young spectators. It is not a secret for anybody to understand Shakespeare it is necessary at first to learn to understand a fairy-tale.

Boris Granatov has got what he wanted - to create a theatre with a special inner atmosphere. He would like to bring up a professional theatre company acting world-known plays in a country town. And he did it. On results of the competitions “the Window to Russia” organized by the newspaper “Culture” Granatov’s theatre was recognized as the best provincial theatre of Russia among 39 professional theatres in 2000.

From 1991 to 1994 there was a drama art studio-school at the theatre. Its graduates L.Kochneva, A. Lobantsev, A. Petrik, O. Yuganova are the leading actors of the theatre today.

Creative life of the company is connected not only with performances’ staging. The actors study both classical dance and modern choreography directed by the skilled ballet master Vera Fedotovskaya. There is regular practical work in singing directed by the teacher Larisa Vasilyeva and in fencing conducted by the master of martial arts Oleg Guryanov.



Each season new young actors come to the theatre. There is love to business and creative search in their work.