Alexandr Vampilov
2-act comedy


    « An everyday occurrence, trifle, coincidence of circumstances sometimes become the most drama moments in human life», - so once the writer and playwright Alexander Vampilov has begun one of the first stories. Such case became a reference point of all events which have occurred in its hard and simultaneously romantic comedy "The Elder Son", telling about a life in its all ridiculous and sad displays, about the house and a family, a bout sincerity, kindness and love one's neighbour.
    … A late spring evening. A cheerful company of youth. Two young lads, the student of medical institute Vladimir Busygin and the sales agent Simeon Sevostyanov (alias Silva), see off from the centre in distant suburb of nice little girls. Songs under a guitar, jokes, laughter. The girls leave home, leaving Busygin and Silva in the street. The boys are late for last electric train outgoing in the city. In the street it is cold. And on a lodging for the night nobody lets in. And only in the apartment of the Sarafanovs, on good luck, open a door to them … As «uninvited visitors» will lead themselves further? Why their sudden visit will turn back? How will affect destinies of all personages?..
    The Producer Boris Granatov, the Artists V.Pushkin and O.Reznichenko, following the author of the play have recreated on a scene surprising atmosphere of the end of 60th years: with musical hits of those years sounding from a radio-gramophone, with songs under a guitar in a court yard, with a rock'n'roll and a twist, with suits of that time, with pure, open feelings of heroes. Our incendiary, dynamical performance solved in the theatrical form of the Italian commedia dell’arte, will not leave indifferent any spectator.

The People’s artist of Russia,
the Laureate of the State Award of the Vologda region
Boris Granatov

Scene designer
Victor Pushkin

Costume designer
The Laureate of the national theatrical award “The Gold mask”,
the Laureate of the State Award of the Vologda region
Olga Reznichenko

Lighting designer
The Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation,
the Laureate of the State Award of the Vologda region
Sergey Shpagin

The Honourable educationalist of the Russian Federation,
the Laureate of the State Award of the Vologda region
Vera Fedotovskaya

Larisa Vasilyeva

Nikita Voskoboynikov,
Yegor Mashjanov

The premiere has taken place in November, 23rd, 2011

Characters and performers:

The honoured artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Mezhov

Victor Harzhavin, the Laureate of the State award of Vologda region

Alexander Yefremov,
Timur Mirgalimov

Ekaterina Chaukina,
Anna Terentyeva,
Ekaterina Fedjakova

Andrey Kamendov
Denis Dolbyshev

Winner Gos. Awards of the Vologda area Alla Petrik,
Olga Juganova

Ilya Grednev

Two girls
Victoria Parfenyeva,
Anna Terentyeva,
Yekaterina Fedjakova,
Yekaterina Chaukina

Performance is conducted by the assistant producer
Natalia Lomasheva