William Shakespeare
A.Nekor's translation from English
B.Granatov's scenic version
Carnival Passions in 2 acts
(From 15 years)


«… That the love for us should dear,
Let hour of separation will be ocean,
Let two, leaving on coast,
One to another is reached out hands … »

    Shakespeare has created the first comedy in period of flourishing of English Renaissance. It suffused with solar attitude, is full of belief in human kindness, love and a triumph of universal harmony. The laughter sounding in it, expresses turbulent pleasure of a life, fun of happy, loving people.
    In an ancient city Ephesus there is a strange, confused history … the person by name of Antipholus of Siracuse with his servant Dromio arrives to an unknown city and improbable events start to occur to it. The unknown woman accuses Antipholus of adultery … the unknown goldsmith hands over it a gold chain, refusing payment … the offended Beauty demands to return it expensive ring … the Train of funny situations, comic misunderstanding, ridiculous coincidence, unexpected meetings accrues with such force, that the devilry starts to seem to heroes. It comes to that Antipholus is declared madman …
    It turned out that this history began more twenty years ago when the terrible storm has sunk the ship, having separated brothers-twins and their loving parents for long years.
    ... We will get ready for an optimistic tonality, because our performance offers a situation comedy where intertwine the farce and grotesque where scenic action creates atmosphere of a cheerful, noisy carnival with songs and dances, focuses and clownery. The Real Theatrical Holiday!

Boris Granatov

Art director
Victor Pushkin

Costume designer
The Laureate of the national theatrical award “The Gold mask”,
Olga Reznichenko

Lighting designer
Sergey Shpagin

Vera Fedotovskaya

Stage Movement
Oleg Guryanov

Music and Arrangement
Victor Kolesov

Music design to Shakespeare’s sonnets
Larisa Vasilyeva

Yegor Mashjanov

The Premiere has taken place on October, 18th, 2013

Characters and performers

Man of motley
Elena Avdeenko

DUKE of Ephesus
Igor Rudinsky,
Viacheslav Teplov

AEGEON a merchant of Siracuse
Anatoly Mikhasik

ANTIPHOLUS of Ephesus and ANTIPHOLUS of Siracuse, twin brothers
Eduard Ablavatsky

DROMIO of Ephesus and DROMIO of Siracuse,
twin brothers and attendants on the two Antipholuses

Andrey Kamendov,
Victor Harzhavin

ADRIANA, wife to Antipholus of Ephesus
Darya Sahnovskaya,
Yekaterina Chaukina

LUCIANA, her sister
Alyona Danchenko

ANGELO, goldsmith
Vladimir Bobrov,
Alexander Lobantsev

BALHTAZAR, a merchant
Igor Rudinsky,
Viacheslav Teplov

FIRST MERCHANT, friend to Antipholus of Syracuse
Alexander Lobantsev

SECOND MERCHANT, to whom Angelo is a debtor
Andrey Kamendov,
Victor Harzhavin

PINCH, a folk healer
Ilya Grednev,
Alexander Yefremov

AEMILIA, an abbess at Ephesus
Yana Likhotina,
Olga Yuganova

Nadezhda Starikova,
Anna Terentyeva

Oleg Guryanov

Larisa Kochneva,
Dmitry Kruglov,
Yana Likhotina,
Timur Mirgalimov,
Olga Yuganova

Alexander Andryushin,
Ilya Grednev,
Anastasia Latkina,
Alexandre Yefremov,
Darya Sakhnovsakaya,
Nadezhda Starikova,
Anna Terentyeva,
Yekaterina Chaukina

Performance is conducted by the assistant director
Natalya Ivanchuk