William Gibson
Translation from English Z.L.Ginzburg
B.A.Granatov's scenic version
Melodrama in two parts
(from 10 years)

Duration of Performance: 2 hour 20 minutes


   The real history of professor Helen Keller is put in a basis of the play of American playwright William Gibson, women who in the early childhood, having gone through heavy illness, has for ever lost hearing and sight. But she has managed to overcome blindness and deafness, became the outstanding writer and the scientist.
    America. The end of the 19th century. In a family of captain Keller grows up deaf-mute daughter Helen. The father of the girl is the musician, supervises over a small jazz little band. But Helen does not hear its music. It is difficult to it to be guided and perceive an external world. Parents do not find with it mutual understanding : the girl is whimsical, disobedient and spoilt. And then they decide to invite for the daughter young teacher Annie Sullivan …
    Gibson's play isn’t the documentary story. It is rather history about awakening of feelings. The story is that the love is not identical to pity and permissiveness. It always is the requirement of greater and belief. The Belief in possibilities of the Person. «Created a miracle» is a story about two unusual and strong people. As then Helen Keller has written in the novel, Annie has opened to it all real, has released her soul from a dungeon. After all the soul does not wish to be alive buried, she aspires, by some miracle, to freedom of understanding and communication.
    In performance the "live" music sounds. Jazz compositions and songs in execution of actors of theatre give to performance unusual atmosphere of love, easiness and heartfulness.

Boris Granatov

Assistant producer
Avgusta Klenchina

Art director
Victor Pushkin

Lighting designer
Sergey Shpagin

Costume designer
The Laureate of the national theatrical award “The Gold mask”
Olga Reznichenko

Vera Fedotovskaya

Music director
Larisa Vasilyeva

Yegor Mashjanov

The Premiere has taken place on March, 13th, 2015