Alexander Pushkin
G.Trostjanetsky's play
The Robber Novel in two parts
(from 12 years)

Duration of Performance: 2 hour 25 minutes


   The novel "Dubrovsky" is obliged by the name to publishers, they have simply taken out a surname of the hero in the title. Pushkin in the manuscript beginning has put only date «on October, 21st, 1832». He planned to write the novel in three volumes, but from third part there were only sketches. The novel remained not finished, it have printed only after Pushkin's death, giving to posterity the right to imagine the further destiny of protagonists.
    The Performance "Dubrovsky" is original interpretation of Pushkin prose, modern perusal of the novel in the form of theatrical game and imagination. On almost empty theatrical stage the history about bitterness of the lost hopes, loss of love through of injustice, senseless enmity and militant ignorance is told, played, lived. In performance it is a lot of music and a modern choreography, that at all does not prevent to perceive the Pushkin text known from school years and to empathize noble heroes.

Boris Granatov

Natalia Petrova-Ruda

Art director
Victor Pushkin

Lighting designer
Sergey Shpagin

Costume designer
The Laureate of the national theatrical award “The Gold mask”
Olga Reznichenko

Music director
Larisa Vasilyeva

Yegor Mashjanov

The Premiere has taken place on June, 26th, 2016