Michael Ugarov
On motives of I.A.Goncharov’ novel
Ordinary history in 2 acts
(from 15 years)


    The play of modern playwright Michael Ugarova «Oblomov» it is not simple a performance of Ivan Goncharov’s classical novel, and the independent author's play with dynamical action, picturesque characters, amusing skirmishes, ironic monologue.
    In our performance is not present axiomatic «oblomovtchina» as is not present and worn sofa Oblomov. And there is the big oval table covered with a green cloth, a dressing gown with motley east ornament, a xylophone, children’s game, the bird's cages, English boxing and a violoncello, childhood memories, pies with onions, an opera aria «Ñasta diva» and … love. And here Is Oblomov, not accepting visibility of activity and empty vanity of a life. Also there is no statement, that the protagonist is lazy, and there is a diagnosis «totus», that in Latin : «the person whole» …
    And why such restless, inactive Oblomov underloves and did not live, you learn from our history on motives of the novel of Ivan Goncharov with the same name …

Boris Granatov

Natalia Petrova-Ruda

Art director
Victor Pushkin

Lighting designer
Sergey Shpagin

Costume designer
The Laureate of the national theatrical award “The Gold mask”
Olga Reznichenko

Music director
Larisa Vasilyeva

Yegor Mashjanov

The Premiere has taken place on December, 23th, 2017